Integrity – 廉箴

  • 廉箴
  • LIAN (Integrity)

廉潔之士 做事有分辨,不茍取,謂之廉潔之士。
勿貪一介 雖至微至細之一粒芥子,不起貪心。
淡泊為懷 不起貪心,胸中自然淡泊,淡泊恬靜貌。
寧守狹隘 照表面觀之,似乎過於拘執,偏於狹隘,其實想做超乎流俗之人,一定要從謹小慎微做起。平時既可貪一小介,將來作大事業,即貪賍枉法之事,亦復可做。所以寧守不變。
O 隘,音愛,不廣也。
不染一塵 心清如水 既有分辨,既不茍取,則心如水之澄清,自然不為塵俗所染。
O(佛家語)「人類有八萬四千塵勞,若皈依清靜,則塵勞毫無染著。O (前漢書鄭崇傳)「臣門如市,臣心如水。」
捐金沉珠 如有傷廉之事,雖金之貴,可以捐棄;雖珠之寶,可以沉沒。
何況以賄 至於以財物送人而請託事情,或因人請託事情而受財物,此種行賄受賄之事,廉潔之士,決不敢為。
O(北史樊子蓋傳)「 帝謂樊曰,人道公清,定如此否,子蓋謝曰,否,安能清,止是小心,不敢納賄耳。」

A man who embodies the true character LIAN (integrity) will not take something as insignificant as a piece of straw if it does not by right belong to him. In order to be true to the character LIAN, one has to be very passionate about living in simplicity and be extremely cautious about giving or taking anything. Only those who are uncontaminated by lusts and selfish desires and whose hearts are as pure as spring water can be true to the character LIAN. When righteousness and honesty are demanded, such people will give away gold and valuables, and also turn away all attempts of bribery.

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