Impartiality – 公箴

公箴GONG (Impartiality)

天無不覆 地無不載 天無私覆,地無私載。世界眾生,同受天覆地載之恩,得天之三光以養,食地之五谷以生。可見天地好生之心,至公無私。
O (禮)「天之所覆,地之所載。」O覆,蓋也。載,乘也。
不偏不倚 如人能以天地之心為心,凡制裁一切事理,自然如衡之平,不偏不倚。
無憎無愛 即於此於彼,亦不以私心而動憎愛。
勿分畛域 世界雖有國界種界教界以及種種界限,心中不要 存畛域之見。
執兩用中 守其中道而行,亦不致趨於極端。
O (中庸)「執其兩端,用其中於民,其斯以為舜乎。」
化天行下 是謂大公 以此教化於天下,乃大公無我之心也

Heaven shows no favoritism to anyone underneath it, nor does earth to anyone upon it. If we can emulate such spirit, we can be impartial and harbor no judgment, hatred nor favoritism towards anyone. We human beings must not give way to segregation, but treat all people equally irrespective of race, color, or religion. Always follow the middle course and never stray into the polar extremes (A). To achieve this is to achieve the greatest GONG.


(A) The Doctrine of the Mean: “He took hold of their two extremes, determined their average, and employed it to govern his people. That was the way that Shun ruled the country.”