Genuineness – 眞箴

  • 眞箴
  • ZHEN (Genuineness)

曷謂之眞 純一無偽 莊子云:「真者,精誠之至也。」然應如何而後能真,必須心口意三者,純然一致,絲毫不假。
不為利誘 不以私蔽 故真誠之人,必不為利祿所引誘,亦不為私慾所蒙蔽。
誠意正心 內外相應 用意精誠,居心端正,自然內外相應。
接物待人 言行相稱 既能內外相應,施之於接物待人,其言行必能合度,非精誠之至,其孰能之。

What is ZHEN? It is the absolute unanimity of one’s heart, words and thoughts without any falsehood. A person of ZHEN will never yield to the temptation of wealth, and his mind will not be tainted with selfishness or evil thoughts. His thoughts are sincere, and his heart upright (A). His inward thoughts always agree with his outward actions. When interacting with others, his words are always consistent with his actions.

(A) The Great Learning: “Thoughts must be sincere before our hearts can be upright.”

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