Ethic – 德箴

  • 德箴
  • DE (Ethic)

效法聖賢 貴乎自得 摹仿聖賢而行道,最重者,是要有得於心。
O 效法,摹倣之也。
持已化人 是之謂德 以聖賢之道持己,以聖賢之道化人,是為有德之士。
進德之則 曰明曰修 欲求德行上進之法則,即在明聖人之至德,修聖人之至德而已。 O(易)「君子進德修業。」O (大學)「在明明德。」
靡有愆失 心逸日休 既能修德,兼能明德,平日之視聽言動,又毫無過犯,則身心自然安逸,與日同休息也。

The best way to emulate the sages is to possess virtue in our hearts and, at the same time, elevate the morals of others by exhibiting good examples of virtuous acts. This is precisely the definition of “De”. We should cultivate our own virtues by understanding and practicing the virtues of the sages. Only those who are free from all sins can naturally find peace in their minds.

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