Broadness (博箴)

  • 博箴
  • BO (Broadness)

佛曰平等 佛言宇宙本質,皆同一體。一切法,一切眾生,本無差別,故曰平等。
墨曰兼愛 墨子兼愛,亦平等之愛,無人己親疏之別。
一視同仁 如能視一切眾生為一體,而行平等之仁愛。
所以無礙 所有一切障礙,皆可化除。
讀聖賢書 究竟何學 既讀聖賢之書,究竟所學何事。
民胞物與 必須學聖賢仁愛之心,視民如同胞,視物如同侶。
是名曰博 能如是學聖賢,則胸襟自然闊大,有此闊大胸襟,由是名之曰博。

Buddha said, “We are all equals.” Mo-tzu said, “We must love others as much as we love ourselves.” Treat all people alike, and you will find that all obstacles to true peace will vanish. What should we learn from the books of the sages of old? To be a person of BO, one must regard all people as if they were one’s own siblings and all animals and creatures as if they were one’s companions.

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